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The Entertainment Industry in Atlanta

April 16, 2014



(The Jacoby Project)


Is Georgia a top contender when it comes to the entertainment industry? Things have certainly picked up over the last couple of years. Georgia has generated more than $5 billion (that’s Billion… with a “B”) in revenue in 2012 and 2013 alone. Sixty-eight feature films and 13 television shows where produced in Georgia just last year. Big Hollywood productions are being filmed right now in various counties of Georgia including Fast & Furious, Hunger Games, and the next 2 sequels to the film Divergent. Several major movie studios have broken ground here, studios like Pinewood (famous for the James Bond and Harry Potter franchises) and the Jacoby Project that will be Georgia’s largest movie studio with over 100 acres of land in Gwinnette County. What does all of this mean? Does it mean a big payday for actors?

Georgia is still very young when it comes to film and television production. Hollywood has been at this game for over a century. Georgia has been at it for less than a decade. We are still wet behind the ears, just a spring chicken, and any other just off the turnip truck idiom I can come up with. We, as professionals in the entertainment industry in Georgia, have a lot to learn, and Hollywood is well aware of this fact. So what all of this means is that Georgia is bringing in huge revenues for the state while bring lots of movie stars too. Georgia actors will get some parts, but don’t expect to get leading roles, or even supporting roles for that matter. Hang in there though, things will be moving pretty fast over the next couple of decades. I think your best bet, if you want to make it big, is to cut your teeth here. Then, when you’re ready, make the move to LA. That’s where all the magic happens.

As for the independent filmmakers here in Georgia, keep in mind that you, too, are still fresh and unseasoned. What you’re doing now will be great training for the future. But one important thing I cannot stress enough, don’t think you know more than the guy next to you. Do your research. Now what it takes to fully produce a film or a TV show. Don’t think that just because you watch TV and go to the movies that you know what it takes to create these productions. You don’t. There is much to be learned about this process. If you haven’t gone to school and earned a degree in something entertainment related, you don’t know what you’re are doing. Do your research and connect with people that have the knowledge. Learn your craft and be good at it. No, be GREAT at it. If you want to be taken seriously then you need to seriously study your craft. I think George Michaels sang it best, “If you’re gonna do it, do it right!” Annnnnnnd ACTION!

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