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Actors: How Do You Answer This Oft-Hated Question?

June 8, 2014

Excellent advice. What do I say when asked, “have you been in anything I might have seen?” I say, “do you watch indie films and TV pilots? No? Then probably not.” And then I smile. 🙂

Answers for Actors

Paul Russell“Have I seen you in anything famous?”

The question actors dread most when replying to a civilian’s inquiry as to what career the actor toils in.

When I was an actor I hated the question.

As a director, and casting director with household name credits I still somewhat despise the question because being a talking resume blasts my self-indulgent meter to red. Recently when asked ‘the question’ by a civilian I thought I could avoid the “What-have-you-done-that-I’ve-seen-to-validate-your-career-claim reply” by cleverly answering, “author.”

His reply, “Written anything famous?”

F—k me.

So, how does a journeyman actor (one in which their face is not a household name) answer the “You’re only an actor if, I, the inquisitor of your livelihood recognizes such?”

My best advice comes from a snippet from my manuscript Wicked Journeys:

   Jude scanned the studio. “How do you survive without a TV or place to sit or…

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