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Times… They Are A Changin’

November 5, 2014

I know, I know, it’s not Monday, but I read this article at the Hollywood Reporter website: After reading it, I felt the need to put my opinion out there… and here it is:

I see how those with more conservative values would react harshly to this “new brand” of humor on prime time television, however… I remember when I was but a young lad when shows like All in the Family and Three’s Company pushed the limits of decency. Hell, All in the Family would be run off of any major network televisiojenna-shocked-face-awkwardn channel TODAY if they dared to show it during prime time. Go back and watch an old episode, you’ll be even more shocked by what was said back then compared to today.

TV shows have always pushed the limits of what is considered acceptable by the moral majority. The only difference is that children have gotten wiser as the years have progressed making it more difficult to angle that humor at adults without the children understanding. Today, it seems the children are more in tune with adult humor than the adults. How did that happen?

To address what some consider indecency, I think anything short of nudity and swearing are quite acceptable, although the line on what constitutes swearing is becoming quite blurred. The 7 Words Not Allowed on Network Television as described by George Carlin are no longer… it’s been reduced to 4. There are a couple I’m sure will  never reach network prime time. All in all, I found this to be a humorous and interesting read. Feel free to leave you thoughts.

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