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Pain and Gain Movie Review

November 26, 2014

I realize that this movie came out over a year ago, but I hadn’t had the desire to see it until recently. I was bored and looking to be entertained with a comedy. Netflix suggested this gem based on my love of dark comedies like Fargo, Fight Club, and Very Bad Things, all of which I recommend if you’re into twisted humor. So if you choose to watch this film, understanding what type of film it is will greatly improve your enjoyment.

The film starts out declaring it to be a true story, “The events you are about to see to place in Miami, Florida between October 1994 and June ’95. Unfortunately, this is a true story.” This is important to remember as you watch the film. The events that take place are so over the top that you assume it has to be exaggerated. From the research I collected after watching this film, I learned that the events were actually toned down. I read this account of the entirety of the case: I also watched this CBS 48 Hours Investigative report about the actual people and crimes this film chronicles: I did this as a follow up to watching the film. I may enhance your viewing pleasure or it may provide too many spoilers. I had to watch the film again after learning these details. Use your own judgment as to which you choose to read/watch first.

As for the film itself, I have to admit it was well directed. I was especially impressed with the acting abilities of Mark Walberg and Dwayne Johnson. They are not typically actors I give praise to, as their choices in films do not lend themselves to great performances. However, after understanding how accurate Pain and Gain was to actual events, I felt they did an awesome job of selling their roles. If you enjoy dark comedies, I recommend this film.

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