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What Is Entertainment?

December 22, 2014

This is subjective. What some find entertaining, others may not. Take for instance Seth Rogen. There are plenty of people that find his brand of humor entertaining. His films gross hundreds of millions of dollars. I am not one of those people. I’m not heartbroken that we don’t get to see his film ‘The Interview.’ But the deeper issue here is should it have even been made in the first place.

When I first heard about this film being made it was in rebuttal from Kim Jong Un when he threatened war if the film was released. Now, I don’t care for Seth Rogen, but threatening war if he releases another film is a bit excessive, even for me. Still, after understanding the premise of the film I could see how Jong Un would be a little upset. How would the U.S. react to another country (one with which we have bad relations) producing a film about assassinating our current president? I don’t think we would declare war on that country, but we would definitely take that as a serious threat. Sony should have understood that and been more prepared for what happened next.

Sony waited until the production was completed and then preceded to micromanage one particular scene in which a poor look-a-like of Jong Un has his head exploded by a mortar shell. Sony’s CEO, the man who has a reputation as a “hands-off” kind of guy, suddenly gets involved and expresses his concerns over this scene because of feedback he received from Pyongyang, South Korea. The initial scene was depicted as something over the top and farcical. It was meant to be humorous. The reaction from Sony was to “tone it down.” In my opinion, it shouldn’t have been in the film at all. Again, if one country creates a film about the assassination of another country’s leader it should be taken as a threat regardless of whether that film is a comedy or not.

About a week before the film was slated for release, Christmas day 2014, hackers attacked Sony and released sensitive information about several of his high ranking employees as well as leaked onto the Internet a handful of films that had yet to be released. This was in direct response to Sony allowing the film to be made. The hackers were attempting to stop the release of ‘The Interview.’ It worked. Sony reacted too late. Not only did they react too late, but they neglected to ask for help from our government, which at this point would have been an acceptable move

The FBI got involved to determine who initiated the hack. It was determined that North Korea was behind the attack. Kim Jong Un still denies anything to do with it and is threatening more war if we don’t allow the North Korean government to help in the investigation. This has escalated way beyond the point it should have been allowed to. It is becoming an international incident all because Sony allowed a comedian to depict the assassination of a mentally unstable world leader in a film. In my opinion, this film should have never been made. Now I ask you, is that entertainment?

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