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Why Do You Write?

June 1, 2015

If you ask a writer why they write you’ll get a lot of varied responses. You might get something like, “to tell a story,” or “because it’s cheaper than therapy.” The latter is true and probably the most accurate. All of us have a story to tell and a burning need to share that story with others. We want someone else to relate to our story. We want to know that we’re not alone. Ultimately it is to get paid, but there is something deeper, a desire, a passion, a yearning to feel part of something bigger. It’s the same reason you love to read stories.

Invariably the author of a story will usually see themselves as the hero of the story. If not, then they have a personal connection to the hero (s/he reminds them of someone they know). As we know, the stories that make the best reads are the ones in which the hero has a flaw, a chink in their armor that they are unaware of until something monumental happens to expose it. More often than not this flaw mirrors something that the author has been dealing with in their life and have been unable to get past. As they begin to write, subconsciously they are dealing with that problem that has been plaguing them in their real life.

Writing a story about someone that shares a similar plight as you allows you to step outside of yourself and see your problem from a different perspective. It allows you to essentially solve someone else’s problem. This is why I write. It doesn’t mean that I’m always facing some sort of major dilemma in my life; it just means that when I am, writing can be cathartic. I also write to solve other people’s problems. Believe it or not, most everyone has faced a similar problem to one that you are or have been facing. This is how we as writers get an audience to relate to our story. Until next week, tell me why do you write.

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