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“My Life Would Make a Great Sitcom/Movie/Novel!”

September 21, 2015

I constantly get people saying to me, “My life would make a great sitcom/movie/novel!” My instant thought is, “No! No it wouldn’t! Just stop right there!” Let me first say that there are very few people in this world that have such amazing lives that a book, movie, or television show could be made from their adventures. VERY. FEW. What you may have are several anecdotes that may or may not have interesting, funny, or otherwise some sort of entertainment value. Most of what I hear has none of that.

Let’s first review the things you need to make a compelling story, one that draws people in and leaves them wanting to hear more. First you need a flawed protagonist. In fact, you’ll need a full cast of compelling characters! This should be the easy part. Everyone has issues. But not everyone is aware of their own. If this is about your life, what is your flaw that keeps you from attaining your goal?

That’s the next thing! What’s your protagonist’s goal? If you want to have a compelling story, your hero (in this case YOU) needs to have a goal, something they are striving for but can’t seem to reach because their flaw keeps slowing them down. Oh, you hadn’t thought of that? Although people have short attention spans, unless you’re creating a webseries chronicling entertaining incidents, you’ll need a bit more substance to your stories.

Then you’ll need to fill in some obstacles. What kinds of things are standing in the way of you obtaining your goal (other than your flaw). You should have at least 3 hurdles that increase in difficulty. This is the Hollywood part. Often times movies “based on actual events” have been embellished. Why? Because the truth just wasn’t entertaining enough so the writers needed to add some things to spice up the story and make it more interesting.

And of course every good story needs a great villain! Most people don’t have someone or something in their lives that constantly antagonize them, at lease not one that hinders them for obtaining a specific goal. If you do have someone following you around making your life miserable… I think it might be time to file for a restraining order. Of course a debilitating disease could very well be a good antagonist providing that it has slowed you down in your attempts of reaching your goal, but has not kept you from it, providing you’re not writing a tragedy.

So to recap, unless you your life has at least these four things (or at a minimum you can aggrandize some of them), then your life is not fantastic enough to turn into a movie of the week. Yes, almost every story is based somewhat on characters the writer has known, but those stories have been greatly altered in order to make them palatable to the general public. So the next time you think your life might make a great story, think about what is needed to create a great story. Chances are you’ll realize your life story would not be all that entertaining to the general public. Until next week, happy writing.

  1. Check my dad’s story out at
    Great story


  2. Brad Carvey permalink

    Ok, you convinced me. My life would make a great novel.


  3. Kenny Kay permalink

    I am sure I know someone whose life would make a great story and I have a few other true stories that would make great films or TV series, as good as, if not better than much of what’s been out there, assuming the production would be executed correctly. I’d dare any production co. or studio exec to give me a pitch opp, however, I unfortunately don’t know any and that of course makes it nearly impossible to accomplish having any of them made. I am not being conceited, but very confident in saying I could be another Nick Pileggi, David Chase, Vince Gilligan etc etc.


  4. All above, check. My friends have been saying that I must wright a book or make a movie about my journey for years now, it is only getting better….


  5. My life’s story includes being recruited by the CIA, and becoming an Airborne Ranger with Special Ops training before being sent to language school at the Presidio in Monterey to become fluent in Russian, assigned to the Russian Embassy in Moscow, turned over to the KGB for torture in Lubyanka in return for the KGB’s return of our Cultural Attaché who had been caught in flagrant delicto. I was nearly dead when I was clandestinely sprung by two high-ranking Soviet Generals and given a message to be delivered personally to President Kennedy warning him of Soviet missile build-up in Cuba. And all that’s just in the first nine pages. Interested?


  6. My life IS being turned into a feature film at


  7. zannamochaccina permalink

    I’m such a bore.


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