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A Screenplay: From Conception to Submission

May 30, 2017

Now that the majority of the screenplay contests and fellowships have ended, it’s a great time to start your next project. As I’ve mentioned before, you should always be working on at least one project if not multiple projects at a time. And the time between submissions is the perfect time to start a new project. If you’re wondering how long it would take for a novice/amateur writer to conceive a story, complete the screenplay, submit it to consultants, eventually to contests/fellowships in order to get it seen by as many potential producers as possible and maybe get it optioned, then this is the blog for you!

I have a concept for a new film in my head. I’m going to document in this blog each week the steps I take and the progress I make to get the screenplay completed and submitted to contests. I will not be using any of my contacts to move it forward. This will be purely a demonstration of how long it might take for you, the beginning screenwriter, to come up with a plausible storyline, write a screenplay, have it reviewed by professionals, and then ultimately submit it to contests.

This week I’ll spend crafting my logline. A whole week just to write a logline? Yes. If you’re a beginner, and even if you’re not, you most likely have a day job, which doesn’t allow you more than a couple of hours a day to spare on writing. Take those couple of hours each day and work tirelessly on your logline. Perfect it. Don’t be afraid to test out your logline. Read to your friends. Ask for their opinion. When making conversation standing in line a Starbucks, ask the stranger in front of you what they think of your logline. Try to stick with your film demographic. You don’t want to ask grandma and grandpa what they think of your story idea if you’re aiming it at 18 to 24 year olds.

If you feel that you’ve got the perfect logline and there are still days left in the week, then toy around with some movie titles for your script. You might have the perfect one already picked out, but take some time and see what other titles might pop out of that creative brain. Throw those out at your friends and strangers in line along with your logline. See which one gets the most attention. This is exactly what I’m going to do this week. Come back next week to see how it goes.

Keep writing!

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