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5 Tips for Being a Productive Writer

July 11, 2017

I haven’t been very productive with my writing over the last couple of weeks. Why? I’ll tell you why. If you want to be a writer, as in a professional writer earning money for writing, then you need to treat it like you do any other job. You need to make sure you have a schedule, show up on time, and put in the hours. Here are some tips to help you stay productive:

1) Just like any other job, you have a start time and an end time. Make sure you are setting aside specific time to write. Try to make it during the time of day when you are most creative. And don’t just sit there and stare at your screen, make sure you’re being productive. If you’re drawing a blank, do research. If you’re not feeling like researching, then write background on your characters. Just make sure you doing something related to your writing.

2) Hold yourself accountable! When working for yourself, it can sometimes be difficult to make yourself do work. It’s not too hard to do your normal 9 to 5 because you have someone holding you accountable. You must learn to hold yourself accountable. This blog has helped keep me be accountable because I know you’re out there reading, waiting for what excellently profound advice I have for you next week. Let me believe that. It helps me stay productive. For those of you that don’t have blogs, try rewarding yourself for sticking to your schedule and accomplishing your work goals.

3) Give yourself deadlines. In the real world of writing you must have a certain amount of work completed by a certain time (that’s another accountability thing). To help keep yourself on track (and accountable), create deadlines and adhere to them as if an employer gave them to you. It will keep you focused and it will help prepare you for the career you are working so hard to have.

4) Limit your distractions. Often times when I sit down to write or do research I get distracted by news updates, twitter, Facebook, and everything else. Before I know it I’ve spent hours watching cats be scared by cucumbers and learned nothing about what I’ve sat down to do in the first place. Try turn off your Internet connections when you’re writing so these things don’t monopolize your attention. If you’re doing research, turn off your social media notifications. Stay focused on the task at hand.

5) Have a designated area to do your work… a writing workspace. Don’t sit in the same place with your laptop where you do other things such as eat, watch TV, or sleep. This will only confuse and distract your brain. Have a specific place were you write, a place where you don’t do anything else but write. This will help train your brain that when you are in this space, writing is going to take place.

Until next week, stay productive! Write!

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