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My blog, as stated in the headline, is about everything entertainment. Though I have a strong passion for screenwriting, TV writing in particular. If you check out my webpage you’ll find that I have an adulation for 80s style sitcoms. If you click that link you’ll find my portfolio, information about my company Green Frog Entertainment, and videos of shorts in which I’ve starred. But here on this site, most of what I write tends to be about screenwriting. As a matter of fact I even offer a script consulting service. You can find a link to that page along the headline, as well. I also have a LinkedIn page.

What else do I blog about? Well, often times I’ll give reviews or critiques or films and TV shows. As I am a screenwriter, my views tend to come from that point of view. I also have a Twitter account in which I often tweet helpful links for screenwriters and actors. Mostly I just tweet things that amuse me, often times from my Instagram account. However, I post content to my Facebook fanpage that doesn’t get posted anywhere else. So, feel free to poke around, share my page, or leave a comment.

  1. Kavitha permalink

    Hi I have a nice story, already making a movie, but I need an agent to reach international audience, and producer. how do I find one?


    • If it were as easy as just “finding” them, we’d all have them. Getting an agent takes a lot of work. You need to have completed spec scripts that have been read by professional readers and/or consultants, that you have gotten notes from and made adjustments based on those notes. As for a producer, they’re even harder. Most production companies will not accept unsolicited scripts. Your best bet is to go to pitch meetings with your stories, stand in line for hours and wait your turn to pitch. If it’s a good enough story you might hear back from them. Best of luck to you in your search. It’s not easy.


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