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Beginner’s Television Screenwriting Workshop

Classes start the first Mondays of January, April, July, and October. Register now, limited seats available.

This 10-week course will begin with spec script writing. You will study a current television show: break down scenes, story structure, and character arcs. You will examine show theme, tone, and format. You will develop your own episode and write an outline. You will write the first act of a spec script.

The second half of this course you will create your own TV pilot. You will be given tools to create a show concept. You will develop characters and create a character breakdown. You will write a scene-by-scene outline for your pilot. You will write the pilot episode of your show. You will create a reverse outline to help you structure the pilot. You will do one re-write of your pilot.

You will be graded on formatting, grammar, story arc, character arc, scene structure, and overall story concept. A passing grade will earn you a Certificate of Successful Completion. Those who do not pass may take the second half of the class over again for half price. After the class has been completed successfully you’ll be given thirty (30) days to complete your pilot episode to which you will receive free coverage feedback ($99 value).

A conference meeting will be scheduled once a week via phone/video chat for Q&A. These meetings are not mandatory but will be extremely helpful for successful course completion. Meetings will be recorded for later listening for those unable to attend.

Ten-week course
Price: $350
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Six-week retake: for those that do not pass the first 10-week class
(must work on pilot from original 10-week class):
Class Price: $175
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Limited seating available.

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